Coco Shell Barrels

$119.00 CAD

The Coco Shell Barrel collection is made from the hard internal shell after the outer coating and coir has has been removed. The shell is split and the white meaty flesh is removed. The hard internal shell is dried, sectioned off and reassembled like a jigsaw puzzle using jewelry grade surfboard resin. It is then hand shaped and fitted with 316 stainless steel barrels and spun to its final shape, sealed, and wet polished to 3000 grit for a brilliant long lasting shine.
Necklaces are laced with the highest grade single strand 3mm leather with hand tied slip knots for custom
adjustable lengths from 18” – 26” to fit your style.
Coco Shell Barrels are approx. 16mm x 19mm ( 5/8” x 3/4” )

Product Description

It’s important to note that due to the natural wonders and unique properties of coconuts, combined with  evidence of handcraftmanship, each piece will be uniquely different in colour and slightly different  in shape and size from the ones pictured. Rounds are round but not perfectly round. We pride ourselves in making each piece uniquely different to the end wearer, while maintaining general shapes and sizes.


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